Monday, February 21, 2011

Back For More! =P

After not being around on here for a while, it feels good to be back. As I may have mentioned, I am finally back home from my endeavors in Florida. It was quite a good time, however, I have left a good friend behind: In My Write Mind. Yes, yes, he still dwindles there and probably will for some time. Me? Well, I may eventually go back sometime, but for now I am busy here. Some changes to my blog will be coming around soon, so please be looking for the changes. I hope that you will all like them.

As this is just an update, I don't really have too much to say at the moment. I do, however, find that some people today are lazy and sometimes rude. A man in the parking lot today decided to roll down his window and drop out a piece of trash to the ground instead of just opening his door and walking the mere three feet that would have taken him to the trash can. Another man, while still driving, made a face, which was just lovely. I don't know. It was very interesting, in the least, I suppose.

Anyway, the changes will be coming this week, so just keep a look out for them. I will post again soon!


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