Monday, May 23, 2011


Whew, what a long break.

I have been keeping myself busy with re-writing the opening to my first book. While it is going nicely, I have reached some rough patches, but I have steadily been working through it. I am currently up to Chapter 10 (written) and am working on typing up Chapter 8 now. I decided to procrastinate just a tad to come back and say hello and that I am still here. I kind of missed my blog.

This summer, my goal is to complete the re-writes and edits and send my final rough draft to my trusted friend/writing companion, Justin (despite the fact that he left me for Disney) for a final review and possibly comments. Once I hear back from him, I will start sending out queries again. I would like to have this all accomplished by August at least, possibly by the start of September.

Considering that I have a good friend coming over from Scotland to do an internship here though, I might procrastinate some, but I will still try. I think that it is a good goal to set. It gives me a majority of the summer to work on it between both of my jobs and all of the other stuff that I have planned, or would like to do.

Anyway, it's good to be publishing posts again. So, keep a look out for more to come this week. =D


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