Sunday, July 17, 2011

Author: Jane Yolen

It's really incredible to be able to work at a bookstore, because when you aren't busy, you can look up more books to read. Today, I decided to research the author of a book that I am currently reading, "Sword of the Rightful King", by Mrs. Jane Yolen. The book is very interesting so far, following the tale of Arthur and Merlin, but with a twist. It's just, I haven't gotten to the twist yet, but the back of the book says that there will be one. I will just keep reading it.

Anyway, I'm digressing. I found a few new books by her that I was interested in, and, in fact, one of those books is coming out next month, titled: "Sister Light, Sister Dark". That seemed very good and once our store has it, I will look into it. =D

-Tara =)

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  1. That sounds like a dream job to me. The book also sounds great! Merlin is a fascinating character. :)