Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Currently I have company over, so, this post will be done quickly. We are playing "Go Fish" and I am also partaking in the game on Facebook, "Frontierville", please don't laugh. XD However, I am also typing my book. I am re-writing Chapter Three in my third book. In fact, I had to stop writing Book Three in order to re-write a good portion of the beginning because of some things that I have changed around. You see, I had changed some of the ending, well, actually, I had decided that I had to change the beginning, because the way that I am writing the ending, the beginning was conflicting and I didn't feel like re-writing the ending, so the beginning it was. Well, if that isn't confusing enough....haha!

Anyway, I am also preparing to go back home. My DCP is almost done and I am thankful for that. I have missed my family greatly and I cannot wait to go back home and play in the snow. I want to build an igloo. =D

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