Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Start of a New School Year. =)

Hello all!

So, I realize that I haven't done this in a while. Tonight I found this really cool website. My friend had posted about it on Facebook (ah, yes, Facebook =P). It's called SkinnyTies.com and they sell nothing but (that's right) Skinny Ties!

Despite the fact that I am a girl does not mean this isn't cool to me. I enjoy wearing the occasional skinny time with a nice blouse and possible v-sweater vest thrown over top for extra flair.

If you, also, enjoy skinny ties, I suggest that you check this out, too.

Today, anyway, I had my first class of the semester, and our professor let us out a whole half hour early. That was nice, but I was kind of bummed about that, too. Oh well. I have the class again on Thursday.

Well, for now, ta-ta!


(P.S. Disclaimer: I don't own the Ouran pictures that I post. They strictly belong to the creator of the manga, Bisco Hatori. =D )

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