Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Friend's Guest Post

Hello one and all!

I'm going to talk about something I haven't in a while---my book. Progress has been going well. If you remember, I had mentioned that I was starting a revision of my first book. Halfway through said revision, after typing chapter outlines, I realized that I didn't like those outlines, so I restarted my revision, and went into the second one. Now, I really do like how the story is moving. It's going much quicker, I like the character development, and I'm fleshing out where I think it was missing some information.

Now, I'm going to randomly pass my netbook over to my best friend, Teresa, so that she can type herself up a nice guest entry---not that she knows anything about that. Haha! Here we go.....


This Space Reserved For Teresa:

um.. hi haha this is my first time doing this, so hello to anyone who reads this! My name is Teresa and I'm BEST friends with tara. we've been friends for a while now and we are more like sisters then friends haha.. shes awesome. I live near Tara and work at the nearby Mall.. Not the greatest job in the world but it'll do! Right now im eating Chicken Parm that her Papa made so obviously it's amazing since he's the best cook i know. So I guess this is it, so goodbye world. =) btw I love Mark <3

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