Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Netbook =D

I'm so pleased. I bought myself a netbook last night from Best Buy. It's very cute. The color was listed as "Raspberry". It's a pink plaid, very interesting. At first, I was a bit "eh" on the color, but it's grown on me. Very cute.

Anyway, this means that I can start posting more often again because I don't have to share the desktop computer anymore. Yay! Very happy about that one. I'm going to try and set myself to a schedule. I'm going to mostly try and post Mondays-Thursdays, unless my upcoming school schedule should alter that, I will switch to Wednesdays-Saturdays, or something like that. I will figure it out.

So, being the Disney dork that I am, I am super excited for the premier of "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension", which airs this Fridays!

And, last Friday, I returned home in time to watch the premier of "Thundercats". I was so excited that they are re-booting it. The storyline has changed a bit, but the animation is way better and the characters seem to be getting more development than what I remember. They are also much younger than the original 1980s show. All in all, I look forward to the new story arc with interest. =)


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