Monday, May 31, 2010


Memorial Day! Well, my brothers had to march (since they're in the marching band for school) in the parade. There was a service and Top played Taps. My Pepere was over and Dad did a BBQ. It was tons of fun. I re-scheduled my kayaking plans with my one friend: 1) because I have no idea how to kayak, and 2) we were having fun BBQ-ing. I did, however, go to Starbucks with JW. That was interesting, always is. Me and him, we go there a lot.

I'm still working on the synopsis for this book that I've been writing for 4 years, and I've gotten it trimmed down to 3.5 pages. All I need to do is shave off that last half a page to make it 3 and I can send it out to an agent for representation for publication! =D

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