Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today, Mom and I drove my Dad and brother to the airport. They are flying out of state so my brother can check out a college now that he's 18! =)

Oh! And I found out today from a friend that my other friend and I ended up on the front page of the local newspaper for participating at a local craft fair! Ah, I'm so excited! I cannot wait to get the paper tomorrow so that I can have a copy! =D

On other news, I am just about going through the revisions for my first book. Once I am done I can finally send out my new Query Letter to see about getting representation for publication! I will post on here how that turns out. XD

And, even though I really do not want to go back to the place that I work (fast food, yuck!), I am in desperate need of money, so tomorrow I picked up a shift from one of my friends/co-workers who offered me his hours...he is so cool and nice! =) This, of course, means that next Friday I will get a paycheck!!! =D

Now, for something that I drew on the window of the sliding door until Security at the complex told me to erase it off. =( -sniff-...but Stitch is so cute! <3>

I also want to include a strip from one of my favorite mangas. (I feel similarity with this strip sometimes regarding these things) have to read it right to left! XD.

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