Friday, May 21, 2010


You must forgive me...I am a bit out of it. I just realized that the last time I ate it was 11:30am today when I went on break...and it is now just about 12 hours later. Sure, I had a frappe to hold me over around 3:30pm? But that has worn off. So, I'm currently waiting for some water to boil so that I can make some macaroni and cheese (Sponebob shapes!) XD

Hm...I've been doing a lot of edits in my first book so that I can get it ready. Basically because I want to send out a Query Letter to a Literary Agent to find representation (to get published) but I need a word count, and I can't have a solid word count until I'm done with the revisions. My friend (the one who took me out for water ice) is helping me and she is still amazing! Apparently, though, I have to come up with a better title for the book. XD mood/expression for the day (and because Ouran is just amazing!):

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