Sunday, May 30, 2010

Neuviéme: The Missed Intro / Fun-ness! XD

So, I never really stopped to really introduce myself in the first post. Yeah, I know that that is what you're normally supposed to do, but when you meet me, you realize that I'm not really normal. XD I like to do things out of habit and order. I'm a pretty random person and that's why the name of my blog is "Aléatoire", which is French for "Random". =)

I'm the oldest out of my siblings and have two younger brothers, Top and Phil (don't ask, because I won't be using their names on here, that goes with the names of any friends I might mention. Strictly using nicknames, but if you know me, I assume that you'll know who I speak of... =D) and besides my Mom and our pet dog, Lei, I'm the only girl and have been for quite some time. Only recently (8 years ago) did I get a little girl cousin. So...I can be a tomboy sometimes, but I'm still fun! XD

Hrm...I'm pretty sure that in my "About Me" I mentioned that I'm an Art Major. Yeah...get used to that idea, because at the current moment, I have no desire to change it. I love draw and sketch and write. Usually, that's all I do and my parents can vouch for that.

Anyway, the point to this blog is so that my friends and family can follow me when I finally go back to Disney! I am so excited to go back, I have missed it so much since my last College Program with them last Spring '09. I was a QSR and worked at CBR =) Ahh...abbreviations. =D This time I'll be doing Merch, and I have no idea where! I'm going down with...JW...I guess that's a good nickname, what do you think JW? Haha...if you even read this...XD Anyway, super excited!


Now, I'm too lazy to post this and then make a whole other post, so I'm just going to include it with this one. Yesterday started out a bit slow. I went to Church and then went to go do face painting at a birthday party. Afterwards I went out to dinner with Tessa and Ken! It was a blast! =D We went to Chili's, (I never really go there, so it was kind of different) and then we went to see Shrek 4 (JW joined us spur of the moment), which was much better than the 3rd one. It was a good way to end the series and had some good music. I will look into getting the soundtrack later, because that's what I do...get movie soundtracks and orchestral music =D

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