Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

Do you like movies?!

Do you like cars?!

And do you like action?!

Well, if you do (and if you happen to be at Walt Disney World in Florida) then you should really consider heading over to Disney's Hollywood Studios to watch this Extreme Stunt Show. There's just one only has two showtimes a day: 1:20p and 4:30p. But, if you work your schedule out right you'll be able to catch this fast-paced show.

There are three rounds to this show. The first is an introduction of the directors and some cast before they start the chase scene known as the "Ballet Chase". This chase is more for show. They have cameras positioned all around the stage to catch different angles for filler later in the film.

The second portion is when they film the beginning of the show and it's the first time that you get to see the hero, who drives that red car. However, despite the fact that I just said that the hero drives the red car, in the second portion a.k.a. the opening for the film, the hero partakes in a motorcycle chase.

The third and final portion that is filmed only takes, about, 33 seconds. It's filled with last minute chases, jumps, fire and explosions!

Here's a preview of the ending. ;)

I hope that someday you guys can check out the show, if you haven't already. I saw it today and found it pretty interesting (despite the rain and strike of lightning that made us have to delay the show between the first and second takes. It was about a 15 minute wait time between the two, but it was still pretty cool besides that.) =]


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