Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay, well, it was only one, but it was really nice. I walked into my room yesterday to find a single pink rose laying on my bed, waiting for me. It was from a florist, with a note that thanked me for picking up my room mate's flowers (which I did not). I was supposed to...but I ended up having to go to work and they didn't call me to say they were outside. XD But, still, even though I didn't pick them up, they gave me the flower anyway, which I thought was very nice of them. Personally, I love flowers and the idea of receiving them. =)

Anyway, I read Miss Molly Ford's newest post just now. Today she posted a link to a nifty little website and I found a few things that I would really consider buying (if I had the money to spend, XD). Anyway, here they are!

The first one is of these really cool wall decorations, which are chalkboards. You can peel them on and off the walls and it comes with chalk! It's so cool. XD

The second is a picture of these really cool paper clips! Who said that organizing papers can't be fun and colorful? =D

And, lastly, a notebook to organize your week. Seems interesting enough and I could use one that has room to write in each day. Yeah...

Also, there is this nifty spray/brush on that can turn surfaces into a chalkboard! =D


So, yes, that is my brief update. Nothing book related today, or writing related really. Just a brief post to fill in the gap. September has been a slow post month, apparently, as I think this is only post number four for September. XD

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