Saturday, September 11, 2010

Writing #3

Currently, I am sitting in my apartment and debating on eating half a bagel or a whole bagel. Really, though, I think I will go for the whole bagel. XD Okay, yeah, I just popped the bagel (halved) into the oven (since we don't have a toaster, haha!)

So, ooo, look at the title of the post, it's so pretty! Yes, that's right! We're on post #3 of my "Writing Series", haha! Okay, so what is the topic? Yes, you're all wondering. I've kept you suspenseful. ;)

And, BONUS! This post not only is about writing, but it also features a YouTube video (something I have not promoted as of late). But, before I post this video, let me discuss the topic a bit first.

Storytelling, yes, telling, not writing (it strays from the series title?) has been around for ages. If not verbal it was pictorial, but it is how we all can connect, no matter what language we speak. Before written record, stories were passed on by word of mouth, even after written language, it was still passed by word of mouth for some time (I guess, anyway) due to lack of education. Bards were great story tellers (or one would hope), and if they didn't tell stories they played music, but, again, straying from my topic. Rough story short, storytelling has been around for quite some time.

This is just an example that anyone can tell a story, no matter how young or old, what language we speak, or whatever. I found this video to be very cute and I enjoyed listening to it (and reading the subtitles, as my French is not quite there yet), but this little girl is quite the storyteller and that is something great. Kids, I think, have great imaginations, and I personally love listening to their stories and such. It has always amused me. Stories that kids tell us now, show potential for later and proves that it's never too early to start (but keep in mind that you can also start no matter what age you are. Try to avoid giving yourself restrictions.) =D

(As for how I got this video, my friend, Tim, sent me the link one night ago and I told him I was going to make a post about it. =D)

So, what's your opinion on the video? Comments? Let me know! =D

Also (even though I most likely won't be participating), there is no reason as to not promote my best friend Justin's upcoming blogfest. Check it out! Sign up's will be starting about a week and a half from the start date, which is October 11th, 2010. Please make sure to check out his blog for updates! =D

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  1. Yep, so long as you can read and write, age doesn't matter! There are a number of kids I've known that were wonderful storytellers despite their age.

    I can't wait until Justin's blogfest!

  2. What would we be without the people who could tell us bedtime stories as kids when the lights were out. So much scarier--and better--that way :)

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog. There's something waiting there for you :)