Friday, September 3, 2010

Just an Update...

I have been finding it very hard (these past few days) to write much of my book. Well, not that it's hard, but more along the lines of I am trying to limit when I write. Don't ask. Haha! Um, anyway. I never did post the day of or after my last post. Sorry.

I'm listening to the Beatles right now and trying to decide what I want to do before work, if I do anything. I probably won't, I'm so lazy (and I don't really like going out alone. I'd rather go with someone, yeah...).

Urm...anyway (again, sheesh!), um, I will have to add my next post in my "Writing" Series soon. =] Oh yeah, if there is a topic in writing that anyone would like me to go over or discuss, let me know and I will come up with a post for it. Thanks! =D

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The reason for my picture today? My best friend Teresa is coming to visit me in 76 days!!! o(^o^)o See the countdown in the sidebar! =D

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  1. Awesome countdown! It's great that you're so excited.

    Good luck with the writing!