Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Agent Nathan Bransford and Molly Ford's "Smart, Pretty and Awkward"

So, apparently (according to Justin, anyway) I don't use my blog enough? Odd, since I have more posts then he does and started before him. Beside all that though, you should still check out his blog, "In My Write Mind". Of course, he has more followers then me and doesn't promote me, but that's okay. XD

Anyway, today I queried Mr. Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown Ltd.. He is an avid blogger and his advice and tips are helpful. If you'd like to check him out, here is the link to his blog. Just so we're clear, the word "blog" is a link. Click it! Now! Seriously, Nathan Bransford is pretty cool.

And, since I'm kind of on the topic of blogs, this is one that I seriously LOVE! Molly Ford is this amazing girl who gives three tips a day (at least she tries for per day). Her tips? Well, they're on how to be "Smart, Pretty and (a bit less) Awkward". Back to that word being a link thing, it!

I love Molly's posts, especially how she uses quotes for her titles. That is really very clever and something that I would like to try with a different blog, but I think I would pick just one topic instead of the range of quotes that she uses. They are so interesting. Plus, her tips and tricks are pretty helpful, too. This is definitely a blog to check out and it's even all right if you're a guy, too. This advice is for anyone who is interested on different points of view.

Molly is also on Twitter, if you would like to follow her, I'm sure she would not mind. (Ahem, click "Twitter")... In a recent messaging session that I had with her, I asked where she finds her fabulous quotes and she told me that,

"[I] usually just browse google for quotes on whatever topic i am interested in that day :)"

Yes, she even included a smiley face! This girl is really very cool and nice and someone who is easy to get along with, so please make sure that you check out her blog.

Also, please make sure to check out Nathan Bransford's site as well, since he his posts are also interesting and helpful.

Thanks so much!

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