Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fantastic Life Blog Hop!

Hello everyone!

So, I'm Tara. Hi! I am an Art Major and an Author. I write mainly fiction fantasies dealing in magic and the likes. I've been working on the same book series for the past (almost) 5 years now? With the first two books done in the trilogy, I have been working on getting some query letters out. =)

I work at an amazing place and love my job and the people that I have met and meet while I get to work there. It is an awesome experience. Really. It is. =)

I like to think of myself as an upbeat, positive, optimistic person who looks at the glass as half full, or even all the way full! XD I love people, so feel free to drop by and get to know me. =)


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  1. To me, the glass is neither half full or half empty. It's just too darn big!

    You have a fun, zestful blog. I am writing a daily paranormal murder mystery on my own. I am trapped in my own fictional world, wanted for the murder of the ghost of Ernest Hemingway and being helped by the ghosts of Marlene Dietrich and Mark Twain (what a pair right?)

    You might like it. But check out chapter one : LIVING IN THE CROSSHAIRS by hitting my button for GHOST OF A CHANCE.

    Have a great mid-week, Roland

  2. Hey there,

    thanks for joining my blog hop! I love meeting new people!!


    ps you really should check out Roland's blog, he's a great writer.

  3. Hey Tara! Nice to see you signed onto the Blog Hop! You should totally do the blogfest, too. There's one coming up this saturday (the 31st). It's a super way to get followers. Text me.

  4. Hello! Congrats on getting two books complete. No matter what anyone says, that is a big accomplishment. Most people who say they're going to write a novel never finish, so kudos! Happy writing and happy hopping. :)

    Scribbler to Scribe

  5. Ouran, nice!

    I'm writing a series as well, and I'm on my second novel. Still querying, though. Oodles of luck on yours! :]

  6. Hi Tara!

    Just hopping through from Tessa's bloghop.

    It's awesome that you've completed 2 novels. I'm also writing a series (dark fantasy), with book 1 finished and book 2 about 50% done.

    Good luck with your series!