Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 of 5...XD

Ah, day 3 of a solid 5-day work week. Today felt like it went by pretty fast...I guess. Someone in the drive-thru told me I should stay away from kids as long as I could, they cramp your style. =( This makes me sad because I love kids so much. XD All I did was ask if she had any kids she would want to give a free plate to that I was handing out for my job. XD

Well, if anyone ever reads this thing, or has been paying attention to the progress bar on the left side of my blog page here, I've updated it and have gotten closer to that goal (though I'm pretty sure that it's going to exceed 100k, haha!

Hm...waiting for Friday (and not just because it's my last day of work at Fast Food before next week. (I do work on Sunday into Monday for my other job, but that one's fun so it's okay. =D ...) Anyway, Friday...=)

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