Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A "Best Day Ever" kind of day

You know those days, where you say, "Man! This is like the best day ever!"? Well, today was totally one of those days! I went for my interview at RD today and I got the job! I am so excited because this is such a great job opportunity! Ahh...just so excited, haha.

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I got a box of clothes from my friend Keah today. She's so cute and awesome! Tons of fun to hang out with, too. She was at the Band Banquet tonight (which was hosted for all the members of the high school band), and since my brothers are in the band, and I'm an Alumni, of course we went, too. Top got 3 awards for being awesome! And Phil got his varsity letter since this year was his first (official) year in the band. All in all, tonight was pretty fun. =D

Oh! And Keah and I made plans to go to the beach soon. So excited for that, too!!! =D

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