Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today I went on an adventure. It was simply amazing. I drove all the way to PA with my Mom, Dad and Top. Of course, I had to swing by somewhere to drop off some papers (that was the only reason we went up there), but then the adventure started.

Starbucks fueled us with energy (I got a Caramel Frappiccino...that is the only type of coffee drink that I will drink, by the way)and it was an amazing Starbucks. Two stories and the second floor was where you could sit and relax and it was so pretty inside. Really, I should have taken a picture of the place. It even had a deck outside over a stream where you could sit. -sigh- Someday, I think that I would like to drive up that way again and just sit there and type or write a good portion of my day away there, up in that cozy second floor cafe.

Anyway, and so the adventure started. Dad drove for the remainder of the trip and somehow we ended up at...IKEA!

This was our first time EVER going there, so of course it was AMAZING! I have never seen a store with a layout like this one. There was a path to follow and arrows telling you how to get somewhere, and once you started you had to go through the whole store to get to the end. It was truly enjoyable.

On top of that, I managed to purchase a brand new table! Eeeee!!! XD And it's such a pretty table for my room. (Top helped me to install today, in fact). It's really, though, a table for an artist. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. =) I love it. (However, with the table, I had to reorganize my room yet again so that everything would fit. Now, I have some very quaint spots to my room. Actually, to be honest, I have to say this is one of the very rare times that my room is actually clean and organized. However, I feel that I like this arrangement very much, so it may actually stay this way this time. =)

Back to that adventure. It had to end. Phil was home from school and texting us to find out where we were. Of course, Dad got some food items for us to sample (the toffee licorice strings are simply my favorite!...and salted black licorice is very...interesting. An acquired taste, I must say, but I'll keep eating it anyway.)

Our journey home included stopping at a second IKEA to get the other half of my desk (the first IKEA only had the legs, we had to go to the second to get the actual top for it), traffic on the highway, and a stop at Fast Food to get the paychecks...and mine was WRONG! >=( They cut my pay! I'm so mad. I talked to my manager about it and she has to call the office to get it now...I'm waiting for a new check to arrive. Of course, I don't see why this happened in the first place and I think that I may speak to our main store manager about this later...

Anyway! We watched "Sherlock Holmes" tonight.

It was an...interesting movie. I'm not quite sure I'd watch the sequel, however...I loved the fight scenes! XD

Oh, yes, I sent out my Query to that Agent this morning but I was politely declined with a form rejection. However, when we got back home from our trip, I e-mailed another Agent who I thought seemed very interesting. I sent the e-mail Query around 6:30p and have yet to receive any e-mail back. I will see how tomorrow goes on that subject, if I get a response tomorrow or not. However...looking at the clock, I should rather say that I will see how that response on the subject goes later today. XD

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