Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pixar's UP! and Cut Throat

Oh yes, tonight was eventful. I had work in the morning until this afternoon, but let's skip to the fun part. =D

Went to Kennedy's house after picking up Justin (who, apparently, has an issue with my driving...=|...Hm.) and we watched UP with Kelly and Farber (who I have not seen in quite some time). Of course, after the movie, some pizza, soda, and chatting with Kennedy's parents, the five of us migrated downstairs to play us some Cut Throat. Billiards fans, are you aware of this game? Well, anyway, if you don't know how to play, here are the rules and some info for you: How to Play Cut Throat =D ...Please, enjoy. I pretty much lost the two games we played. I was the first out in the first game, and the last one to get out in the second game. Justin won the second game...XD

Hm, I guess that was pretty much it, but it was a ton of fun! We made plans to go out on Wednesday! Well...Justin was going to go and visit Kennedy, but now (I think) Kelly and I will be tagging along, and maybe I can even get Teresa to come along. =D That would be fun! =)

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