Thursday, June 17, 2010

The SP and work...yup =)

My SP is going...okay. Did a few character sketches and I have an idea of what I have it to be, but I think it could take another day before I can start stuff. When it's ready, I'll probably put it up on: "SmackJeeves Webcomic Hosting". It's a really cool site..."Angel Academy" is on there.

Worked today...Fast Food...ehh, it was okay today. Wasn't extremely busy, not too many people yelled at me in Drive-thru (oh, yes, you make one mistake: "I didn't order tea!"..."My finger slipped. I'm fixing it.") They don't see me until they pull up to the window and then they realize that I have to take the money and the orders, sheesh. That's a lot to do, especially during the lunch rush (12p-1p) and everyone's impatient. Ugh.

Actually, though, I had one person come up to me today and tell me that I was too nice to work there (in Fast Food) and I should work at the bank because they were hiring. XD I thought that that was nice of her. I could check it out...but I'm leaving in 55 days to go to Florida. Oh, yes...Florida. @.@ I should start getting ready for that.

And I work at Fast Food tomorrow too...Saturday is the fun job!!! =D I am so excited, I cannot wait! o(^o^)o

And...and...I think that's it. Talked to Tori last night, so glad I did...but her "Plan B"s always seems to include me having to kiss someone. XD

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