Friday, June 11, 2010

Query Tracker

Okay, so I was introduced to by Justin, about...2 days ago? Anyway, I've been browsing it since and I found another agent that I want to Query, so I'm going to send out a Query in the morning. Not morning now, of course, because sending a Query at mid-night would just look horrible. I mean, come on people, just because it's a e-mail query doesn't mean you can just send it willy-nilly. If you are really dedicated and serious about finding representation, you should honor work hours (even if it is by email). It just seems much more professional. At least, that is my own opinion.

Anyway, the woman I want to Query later today is Tamar Ellman Rydzinski. Please, wish me luck everyone!

Quick Quip: I worked again today at Fast Food and was the voice over th box once again. =) People seemed so much more talkative today. Oh! And I met this really cute guy and he said he'd come back tomorrow but I told him that I don't work until Tuesday...I wonder if he'll come back. XD And, a regular who I like talking to said her work is over so I probably won't see her until next year...=( I told her I was going to Disney until January so she laughed (but a polite laugh). Maybe I'll see her again next year. =) And...cleaned my room today. It took like 3-4 hours but now it is so pretty. I even organized my desk and bookshelves...yay! Good night!

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*sigh* I wish I had someone to carry me around when I was tired. XD

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