Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Write Mind"

Okay! So, my best friend Justin!---(Who now has a blog of his own so I can use his name on mine instead of calling him JW, haha!)---has started a blog of his own! I ask that you please follow him as well, since it seems he writes far more interesting posts then I do! At least, he seems to have a better idea of what he wants to do with his blog, rather than my random ramblings (no, wait...that's the whole point of this fact, it's the TITLE! =P)

Anyway, joking aside, please give him consideration. Just like me, he is struggling to get his foot into that little tiny door, with the doorknob face and mouth, that you have to shrink in order to enter it. You know, the one that leads to WONDERLAND!!!


*cough, cough*

Er...I mean Representation and Publication! So, here's his link! Please visit him, too! Please, please, please? =P

Hm, so I think that (even though he is my best friend) Justin has taken up enough of this blog entry today. (Oh, did I mention that he'll be doing that DCP with me later this year? 63 more days!!! XD)

Right, down to the point of this thing. Today, after work of course (which went fine. Once again I was the voice over the box in the Fast Food place...yeah.... Did I ever tell you guys how interesting the people who come through the drive-thru are? I love talking to them, but it didn't seem like too many people were in a talkative mood was kind of raining. Maybe that affected it. Eh. Who knows. Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked, back to the main story. After work today!...I came home and tried to work on the chapter that I finished writing Today. I think. Hm, yeah, today. Anyway, but I couldn't focus on it. So, I started looking up new songs to add to my mixpod playlist that I have on here. For those of you who all ready follow me, perhaps you will now notice the music of "Peter Pan: Return to Neverland", "Finding Nemo" and a few others. Please enjoy my selections (though they're mostly Disney =P)

I accompanied my Mom with Top and Phil to Karate tonight. I miss participating, but I just can't afford to pay for my classes. XD So, I guess I'll just have to sit and watch until I can start paying for my lessons. My brothers are doing well. Tonight, one of the classes (they did 3 tonight, we were there from 540pm-ish until 8p-ish.) was Sparring! I really wanted to watch them face off against one another, but they weren't lined up together. XD

After our return home, I worked on my new (#10! XD) Query Letter! I found a new Agent who I would like to send it out to tomorrow, if I get the chance.

Friday I get my PAYCHECK! XD

Days until Toy Story 3? : 9! (I think...)

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