Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toy Story Marathon

Tonight I watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2 with Justin and my parents, since it was a double-feature on Disney Channel. Of course, Phil and Top where off at band practice at another friend's house. They missed both the movies, but we had fun. Justin and I went to get milkshakes between the movies.

Anyway, went to a fair today down by the shore and it was pretty cool. I love the smell of salt air, but I didn't really notice it this time. =( It was windy though and I liked that. Wind is awesome, haha. I got to see some people building a canoe, saw tiny little crabs in the sand and a horseshoe crab. I stood and listened to a guy talk about a turtle he had caught and learned how to tell a female turtle from a male turtle, and I learned the difference between a turtle and a tortoise, which was actually pretty interesting. I saw some family friends, one that lives by us and another family that we know through Dad's work. I haven't seen them in a while but we once went to Tennessee with them (I remember Tennessee, it was so pretty there. Maybe someday I'll get the chance to go back.) =D Anyway, by the time we left, we had stood in some BBQ smoke long enough that I still smell like the BBQ, haha! It's a nice smell though. The smell of burning wood. That's a nice smell, too. It's like camping. =) Kind of...XD

Just beat Phil in a duel...but maybe none of you know what I'm talking about with that, haha! Maybe Justin...haha.

And...I'm just being lazy and I don't want to upload the picture of my table right this minute, but maybe later today. =D

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